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‘The Alwaha Palace’, offers unmatched international cuisines, and offers the most carefully prepared dishes in the world. Ranging from Lebanese to Eastern, the guest staying here can relish a variety of tastes, and experience a whole new food experience which is difficult to be found elsewhere.  

Equipped with an in-house team of chefs and cooks, carrying years of experience and expertise under their belt, our Kitchen offers the most royal delicacies that leave an everlasting taste, and make it an important reason for our guests to choose to stay with us.

While we strive to be most thoughtful in making the stay of our guests comfortable, we offer our best cuisines in the lap of Nature with the ‘Sun Set Cafe’ making the evenings seemingly timeless, and the ‘Flamingo Restaurant’, offering potentially every such eatable that is talked about in the eastern subcontinent.

Moreover, our anciently treasured recipes make themselves seemingly irresistible and are most cherished by our guests. Offering delicious eatables and a variety of cuisines, is just one part of our hospitality. While we care for your taste and preferences, we are all the more thoughtful about you staying healthy and shaped. Consecutively, we offer carefully designed diet plans for those who are most bothered about putting on those extra calories. These diet plans, on the outset offer not only great taste, but also enable you to maintain yourself, if you are staying for a seemingly longer period. So, with us, you can dare to taste the most richly cooked recipes, and still remain in shape.