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Privacy Statement

We at ‘The Alwaha Palace’, use your personal information in order to fulfill our commitment to providing an unparalleled guest service experience. As a part of the undertaking, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information that we gather.

As one of our guests, you understand and agree that we collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy for Guests (this “Policy”).

This Policy applies to personal information regarding guests and the other individuals with whom we do business or who visit us and to the use of that personal information in any form – whether oral, electronic or written.

This Policy gives effect to ‘The Alwaha Palace’s’ commitment to protect your personal information and has been adopted by all of the separate and distinct legal entities that manage, operate, franchise, own and/or provide services to ‘The Alwaha Palace’. Those entities include The Alwaha Palace’, and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, and all of the separate and distinct legal entities that own the individual properties worldwide. References to “The Alwaha Palace”“we”  throughout this Policy, depending upon the context, collectively refer to those separate and distinct legal entities, including the entity with which you have made your booking for.

If we disclose the personal information we hold about you to other of our affiliated hospitality businesses, those entities must first have agreed to be bound by this Policy with respect to their processing of your personal information.

While this Policy is intended to describe the broadest range of our information processing activities globally, those processing activities may be more limited in some jurisdictions based on the restrictions of their laws. For example, the laws of a particular country may limit the types of personal information we can collect or the manner in which we process that personal information. In those instances, we adjust our internal policies and/or practices to reflect the requirements of local law.