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Our Team

We at the ‘Álwaha Palace’, are able to cater to the needs of our customers through our team of experts and professionals.  Having an extensive team of Industry trained professionals, we are able to deliver unmatched services to our customers, which has enabled us to coin our name in the hotel Industry.

A palatial hotel facility, such as ours, is like a miniature township comprising of more than a dozen departments and yet another hundred professionals associated to them. In want of seeking perfection & customer satisfaction, our staff is constantly engaged in exploring such possibilities that can make every aspect of your stay better than earlier.

While most of our staff out speaks perfection, we celebrate our success in treasuring some of the finest chefs in the world.  Exposed to the finest cooking styles and versed with some of the rarest ancient recopies, our Chefs leave our guests with an undying taste.

Not letting go even a single call unanswered and a single request unattended, our Housekeeping staff exhibits the same competence and commitment to their work. Right from attending to your needs to assisting you at the oddest hours, our team of professionals strive to make your stay most comfortable and enjoyable.

Moreover, being one of the most preferred holiday destination, we at the ‘Alwaha Palace’, keep only industry trained professionals, who are well versed with the international standards of hospitality, and therefore ensure complete satisfaction and safety in terms of our staff and in-house professionals.